#sol15 Day #11 Ten Reasons Why I Enjoy Teaching in a Rural Maine Community

If I see a child in town, chances are I know them, their older siblings and their parents.

The chickens cross the road to go to school and see what the kids are doing.

School chickens

Photo credit: Vicki Russell


I am one of the first to hear the story of how a young hunter got his or her first deer and admire the pictures (I had to get used to this one).

I have tried deer jerky and liked it… proudly given to me by a student who dehydrated it himself from his first deer.

Our school has a garden that grows enough food (with some donations from local farmers) to host a harvest supper in the fall and feed the community.

I am helping a child knit a sweater… for her chicken.

Little gifts from the earth… a bag of organic vegetables, bunches of wildflowers (sometimes still with roots), a bag of dried herbs…

If I need fresh eggs, chances are I can find a student to purchase them from.

I hear all kinds of adventurous stories about runaway goats, cows, ponies, and of course chickens!

Everyday I get to drive through incredible scenery and watch the transformation from season to season.


Photo credit: Iman Poeraatmadja





  1. We are lucky to live in Maine! I love the idea of a garden with a supper from the crops. Who takes care of the garden in the summer?

  2. Yes! I, too, teach in a rural area and share some of these joys. Not the deer jerky however, you’re on your own there!

  3. I love the diversity that we see in a rural school. It’s all there, the hunters, the amazing musicians, the snowmobilers, etc. Maybe because I love my own rural life. I don’t think it’s easy to pigeonhole us.

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