#sol15 Day #30 Stop and Breathe

This morning I flicked on the light in my classroom not really sure what to expect. Having been out on Friday and away over the weekend, I was anxious to be get back up to speed.

As I approached my desk, I noticed it was cleaner than normal because I had picked up more thoroughly for the substitute teacher on Friday. It was nice to walk in and not have “to do” piles all over. Then I got busy…

I read through the notes from the sub and recycled them.

I emptied my school bag of what I would need for the day.

I gathered up books for the new book clubs that are launching this week.

Looked for picture books and poems to compliment our social studies unit.

Wrote the morning message, wrote the instrumental music lesson schedule on the board and updated the schedule.

I made a cup of coffee and set it aside to cool a bit.

Created a chart with current reading goal in student friendly language.

Settled in with a small pile of historical fiction stories that were turned in on Friday… I had read the rest over the weekend and needed to go over the late ones.

I took a sip of coffee and paused… taken by surprise.  That sip of coffee was exceptional.  Just the right temperature, just the right splash of cream made this the perfect sip of coffee.  I sat back and took a breath, relaxed and took another this sip of the full-bodied delicious coffee.

It is the same coffee I drink every day, Green Mountain Dark Magic, made using the Keurig.  But, today I paid that extra ounce of attention to it and enjoyed it so much more.  I sat and savored a few more sips before getting back to work.

I took this as a lesson to slow down, be mindful and savor the goodness in my busy day.


One comment

  1. If you live in the moment and are mindful of even the little things you do, you will have many more moments like that. That is quite a few things to do before school even begins.

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