#sol15 Day #31 Goals

Today I have felt beaten down, exhausted, struggling to stay focused.

This is a temporary state I know… still recovering from a busy weekend.

But, it was getting me down.  Smaller troubles seem bigger when I am tired.

I pushed on… I was my best teacher self today, fulfilled my mom role and pushed myself to go to yoga instead of laying down on the couch.

As I was leaving class I saw this poster…


This small quote helped me feel better…

It reminded me today was Day #31 of the Slice of Life challenge and I achieved that goal.  When it came to writing this month I didn’t see obstacles.

Moving on… there are obstacles in my life keeping me from who I want to be.

This month has shown me I NEED to set goals and chip away at them day by day  to be my best self.

I know I can do this.



  1. This line resonates with me: “Smaller troubles seem bigger when I am tired.” My most challenging SOL days were ones when I was exhausted. You did it! I’m impressed with how you soldiered on. Well done! Get some rest.

  2. It’s like finishing a race, isn’t it? Thinking of your obstacles made me think of a riding analogy. Well maybe it fits. When jumping do you look at the fence or beyond it?

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