sol#15 Day #10 Rediscovering a Writing Space

About a month ago, as the start date for the Slice of Life month long challenge approached, I thought about how I will make space in my life for writing.  I felt that in addition to the time, I also needed to dedicate a space to writing.  This led to a living room reorganization project and bringing my old desk up from the basement.


I still remember when I was about ten years old traveling to Ohio in the back seat of my grandparents Chevy which was towing an Airstream.  The miles stretched endlessly and I remember the fields swooping by and sign after sign slipping by.  Our destination was Sandusky, Ohio to visit the home of my grandmother’s Aunt Hilda.

Well into her eighties, Aunt Hilda was getting married for the first time.  Our purpose for this trip was to take some of her furniture as she down sized and prepared to move into her groom’s home.  My desk was among many items that we loaded into the Airstream and drove back to New England.

On our return to Connecticut, the desk became a focal point to my room.  I remember spending hours at the desk working on homework, attempting to journal and writing to pen pals from across the country. It would be become over run with papers and I would spend a Sunday afternoon cleaning it out and reorganizing it only to have it return to its chaotic state.

I used the desk through high school. When I returned home from college, it was where I continued to do my school work although the desk began to feel smaller.  As I wrapped up my schooling, it became the place where I kept important papers like concert ticket stubs, letters from friends and bills.

When I moved away from home to Rhode Island it was the only piece of furniture I took with me.  It continued to be a place where I kept bills but I rarely sat at it.  I went to graduate school, got my teaching degree and my desk was really just a decoration and a place to keep stuff.  My projects and work were to big to fit in that little desk.  I needed a space big enough to hold a desk top computer and the little desk just couldn’t handle the job.

I got married, my husband and I moved to Maine and bought our first home nearly twenty years ago.  The desk came with us but was relegated to the guest room.  When the kids were born the guest room moved to the basement and the desk moved downstairs too.  Which is where it has sat for several years.  Still holding cards, stationary and old letters but never used.

I had thought about bringing it back upstairs but didn’t think it fit in with the furniture.  I debated refinishing it but didn’t want to ruin it. So it sat downstairs continuing to gather dust and papers.

A month ago I cleaned it out, dusted it off and the desk traveled back up the stairs.   It felt so good to sit at the desk again with a view of our front yard.  I could still smell the old wooden desk smell despite years sitting in the basement.  When I sit down at the desk, I am able to find the focus for writing that just doesn’t happen when I am on the couch.

I have gradually been filling it with special pens, paper, writing resources and my Slice of Life Challenge mug that I won as a prize last year.  The laptop fits nicely on the writing surface.


Now I have a visual reminder and a desk calling me to write.  It has become my space to write and I am finding more space in my life for writing.





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