#sol15 Day #29 Sigh… Beach Ride Doesn’t Go as Planned

Today I was excited to return to the beach to get a last ride in before it is closed to horses. Unfortunately, several other people had the same plans.

When Susie and I pulled up to the parking lot there was no space for us and since this is a beach community there was no place for us to park. We headed down the coast in search of another lot that is open to horse trailers. After some searching we found the lot, tacked up the horses and headed to the beach.

We weren’t familiar with the beach access locations. When we got to one, it was covered in deep snow. The horses were being a bit silly about it. I hopped off, led Dixie through, she followed me and the other horse, Spark, followed her.

I remounted and we began to enjoy the day. Clear blue sky, lighter wind and slightly warmer than our last ride. It was a picture perfect beach day.

Dixie was feeling calm and relaxed when suddenly she whirled around, side stepped and tried to go the other way. I managed to stay on and get her back together. We couldn’t figure what spooked her so we rode on.

Then, ahead of us we could we could make out a sailboarder on the beach. It is a windsurfer with a giant skateboard. Dixie decided she didn’t like the look of that so I hopped off before any trouble. We turned around and started heading back down the beach but Dixie wouldn’t settle down even with me on the ground.

Susie and I decided to move off the beach and switched horses. We ended up taking a short ride around the side roads near where we parked. The horses were calm and collected. I guess today just wasn’t our day for a beach ride…


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