#sol15 Day#26 Throwback Thursday… Summer

This is a post that has been sitting in my drafts folder for a while.  I looked at it with fresh eyes and did a little revision. Last August my friend Denise picked me up for a girls only adventure to Bear Spring Camps in Rome, ME.  This is a little slice of summer…

We traveled down the wooded road and as we approached the camp the woods opened up to a dazzling view of Great Pond. As soon as we checked in and headed down the hill to our cabin, we crossed a border into a simpler time and place. A variety of cottages are set right on the fringe of the pond. Each is unique as the cottages have been built and rebuilt in stages over the last 100 years. At the same time each cottage shares a rustic charm and simplicity. Each cottage has a porch with a wide open view of the pond.

Inside the furnishings are simple: cozy couches, basic camp beds with quilts, odds and ends lamps and hooks on the wall for hanging clothing. No TV or WIFI and no kitchen.  Three meals a day are served in the main lodge. The scent of camp permeates the cottage. This scent is tough to explain slightly musty but with a mix of woodsmoke, pine needles and earthiness. The floors are uneven and the doors a bit creaky but none of this matters when you are less than 10 feet from the edge of the water.

We settled in and unpacked.  Although we had a choice of three bedrooms we chose the room with twin beds.  From here we could see and hear the lake and the loons and it would allow for late night gab sessions… just like a slumber party!

We set our kayaks near the water where they waited for us to set off on our first adventure.   But, first we relaxed and enjoyed the view.  Time had slowed down and there was no sense in rushing.  We were in summer heaven.





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