#sol15 Day#24 How do I Spell Relief? Y-O-G-A

Last week I sliced about the sudden attack of cold germs in my classroom.  My attempts to fight it with Zicam have been unsuccessful.  I am on day #2 of the cold my little cherubs shared with me.  Sigh…

Tuesday is yoga day for me and there was no doubt, despite my cold symptoms, that I was going to class.  Yoga is an oasis in the middle of my hectic week.  My instructor, Kate, is a down to earth person who meets the needs of all yogis wherever they are in their practice or their lives.

Each week we check in and share what we need physically and emotionally.  At the beginning of the month I lamented about the stress during the month of March with report card prep and conferences and my classmates have cheered me on.  When I arrived today I was welcomed and classmates asked how the end of conferences went.

We settled into our mats and I shared I had a cold.  Kate told me to modify as needed and only do what is comfortable.  All I really wanted to do was savasana (aka corpse pose the final relaxation pose in class) but I knew it would be the prize at the end of class.

It felt so good to stretch and move and take care of myself.  I began to feel taller, my legs felt longer, my chest opened up and I began to relax.  It is amazing how tightly wound I can get and I don’t realize it until I do yoga.

The hour flew by quickly and I got to do savasana and just feel and enjoy my body in its relaxed state.  I know I could and should practice yoga regularly at home but there is nothing like going to class and sharing the positive energy with other people.


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