#sol15 Day#23 Blogging on the Road

The title of today’s slice is multi-layered. The first layer is that I am using the WordPress app on my phone as an experiment. This weekend I will be traveling and my only option for posting slices may be from my phone. So I will be blogging as best I can using my thumbs which isn’t as automatic for me as it is for my teenage children. Here goes …

Today I found myself out in the real world on a school day.  My son has an afternoon doctor’s appointment so I left my class in the hands of a capable sub at lunchtime and hit the road. I had a little extra time which allowed me the chance to take care of a few errands before picking him up at school.

My first stop was the grocery store to pick up a few items the store was out of on my weekend shopping trip. The first thing that surprised me was the number of people shopping. I had assumed it would be empty during the early afternoon. Quite a few people of all ages were doing their big shopping trip on a Monday… Interesting. They seemed much calmer, taking their time examining the merchandise, than the typical mad-dash shopper I see during the weekend.

Next, I went to the gas station. I noticed the  volume of vehicles was the same. The difference was there were several contractor trucks: electrician, plumber and some other utility truck surrounded me.

As I stood by my car, I noticed how dirty it was. The weather was just about warm enough and I had time. I was surprised there was no line… I just pulled right up. That never happens.

As I drove up Maine Street there were fewer cars than there would be a few hours later. I am used to crawling down Maine Street today I  cruised along smoothly.

Yes, it’s true I am a teacher and I have days off on vacations but this was different. No school age kids to be seen… No holiday buzz… No summer tourists… Just regular life on a  regular day and I got to be part of it for just a short time.

I have now completed my first iPhone post. Well almost… I still need to actually post it, copy and paste on Two Writing Teachers, make comments. I don’t love the format on a little screen but it will do in a pinch. I should probably add a disclaimer that this was typed on an iPhone to explain weird typos.

This blog post was typed on an iPhone 😊

PS  The only glitch I had was being able to cut and past the link from my blog to TWT… Does anyone know how to do this???



  1. This is a great little slice and I appreciate your noticings of a “normal person’s” day! (It is so true how, we as teachers, feel normal when we are not in school!) I believe your posting via iphone worked just fine! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. I’m impressed that you were able to do this on the phone. It surprised me all the people out and about during the week when I retired and was no longer tied to the school during the day.

  3. When I read the beginning, I figured your post would be brief, but wow, you were able to type quite a post on such a teeny screen. I also appreciated your “normal day” observations. 🙂

  4. It would take me hours to write that much on a phone. It does all seem so different when we’re out in the real world when we normally would be in school. Nice shot of Maine street, but that still looks like a fair amount of cars.

  5. I’m going to Colombia for Spring Break and I am debating if I should try the wordpress app on my phone (or do they have one for the ipad?) or if I should just post ahead of time and schedule them to appear on my blog. That way all I have to do is post the links on two writing teachers and post comments on other blogs. I’m leaning toward scheduled posts…but I want to give the app a try like you did. Thanks for the idea!

    -Amanda at http://teachingwanderlust.com/2015/03/23/ooops-a-little-problem-with-hotels/

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