#sol15 Day#22 Sunday Morning Breakfast

Our family has developed a Sunday morning ritual. Our Sunday starts when our dog, Molly, creeps around outside our door. We can hear her sniff around our door and pace back and forth. She has decided that we have slept long enough and this is our signal to get up.

My husband and I make our way out the kitchen.  His first job is to find the right music to fit day.  Jazz, singer songwriter, coffee-house… whatever.  He is very particular about the coffee operation so I leave that to him: choosing the right coffee for the day, grinding the beans with a loud whir of the coffee grinder and getting the right measurement of beans to water.

Surprisingly, the noise of the coffee grinder isn’t enough to wake up our two teenagers.  This is okay because it gives me a little time to cook breakfast.  I whip up melt-in-your mouth pancakes which hiss on the griddle.  I sprinkle chocolate chips on top to cook into the pancakes and add a little sweetness.

While the pancakes cook in shifts on the griddle, I whip up a batch of scrambled eggs in a pan.  The kids love them cheesy, so I shred up cheddar and add it into the mix with a little salt and pepper.

Finally, I cook the bacon.  This is how I get the kids out of bed.  The scent of the sizzling bacon makes its way down the hall and lightly tickles their noses and nudges them awake.  When the bacon is about half way done cooking, I open their doors and announce that I made them a breakfast and it is time to get up.  With minimal groaning they shuffle out to the kitchen and take their places at the table.

We enjoy our time together lingering over coffee talking about the week past and the week coming up.  We often laugh at each others’ expense.  Soon enough they all move on to their homework or whatever they have going on for the day.

This is one time during the week that I don’t mind cooking and cleaning up.  It is all part of a ritual I treasure.



  1. In such a busy world, it’s so wonderful that your family has a weekly time to reconnect. Cheesy scrambled eggs, chocolate chip pancakes, sizzling bacon, and family conversation…it sounds like memories in the making.

  2. Yum! I can smell that bacon cooking. Eggs, pancakes, and bacon make a lovely breakfast. It’s nice to have these rituals, especially with the whole family together and talking. With everyone’s busy schedules these days I don’t think it happens that often.

  3. lovely morning ritual! some of my fondest memories from my teen years involve weekend breakfasts much like you describe—and I try to recreate them for my family, too!

  4. I so enjoyed reading your slice. You did such a job creating sensory images and also crafted some delightful phrases. “The scent of the sizzling bacon makes its way down the hall and lightly tickles their noses and nudges them awake.” Love that! Sunday mornings are the best and you’ve created such a lovely tradition for your family. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I enjoyed how each step in your ritual encompassed more and more of your family. I imagine you and your husband in separate rooms to start, then coming together over coffee and pancake batter before inviting your kids to join you. There is a peace in the slow pace of this ritual. Nothing seems rushed and for a few minutes – maybe even an hour or two – you’ve slowed your world down. The poetic technique you use captures that pace perfectly.

  6. Doesn’t it feel great to get a post up early in the day! I always feel victorious (and it doesn’t happen often for me). I felt like I was right there through your morning ritual. It actually made me wish for a cup of coffee and some pancakes. What a wonderful way to start the day!


  7. I love how you built the atmosphere moment by moment, starting with your dog circling in front of your bedroom door. My senses were all alert while reading your slice!

  8. This is lovely. Can I join your for breakfast?? haha. Such a nice ritual to have. I teach my Spin class every Sunday morning at 8am, and my husband stays home with our 18 month old daughter. Sometimes I’d just love to be home on a Sunday soaking up the morning with them. Thanks for sharing!

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