#sol15 Day#20 First Day of Spring Beach Ride

A few weeks ago my friend Susie and I made BIG plans knowing I would have today off.  We planned to go for a beach ride to celebrate the start of spring.  The only trouble is spring still has not sprung here in Maine.  We are still knee-deep in snow.  The wind and cold was so bad we had to keep the kids in for recess one day this week because the wind chill was below 10 degrees.

We have watched the weather forecast all week.  The temperature was supposed to get into the upper 30s and the winds were supposed to die down.  Susie called me this morning and after some debate we decided to go for it.  It didn’t feel too bad out.

We arrived at the beach and the air felt a bit chillier.  We tacked up the horses and mounted up.  It felt so good to be back in the saddle after the winter off.  It was Dixie’s first trip to the beach this season so she had an extra bounce in her step.

From the parking lot we climbed over a small dune.  As soon as we stepped onto the beach, we were buffeted by the wind blowing off the water.  It dropped the temperature about 20 degrees.  Brrrr… so cold.

We made our way down the beach and despite the cold I felt like I was in paradise.  Riding on the beach brings me such joy that the cold couldn’t take away from the experience. We were bundled up against the elements so we managed just fine.  The only other people who braved to cold today were the clam diggers and a few dog walkers.


My friend Susie is riding Spark (left) and I am on Dixie. We rode at Pine Point Beach in Scarborough, ME.


The wind was so relentless  it was hard to carry on a conversation.  We trotted a little and tried to warm up but we had to keep it slow to keep the horses calm.

After a few miles we turned around and headed back to the parking lot.  It was much easier having the wind at our backs so we could at least talk. Our hour and a half ride was much shorter than our usual but I enjoyed every minute of it.

Even though it felt more like winter than spring, it felt so good to get out and ride.



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