#sol15 Day#19 Cough, Sniffle, Sneeze

“Hello Mrs. Marc-Aurele!” says a stuffed up voice belonging to a child clutching his own box of tissues.

Oh boy…I think.  This is the first student I have seen today and when he left yesterday he was healthy. I know a few siblings are sick but my class has remained healthy.  Has the cold virus hit my room???

Another student arrives who usually acts like Tigger and today he is more of an Eeyore. I hear more sniffles and sneezes and see frequent visitors to the tissue box (my last box for the year!).

During morning meeting we do fist bumps instead of a handshake greeting. More sniffles, sneezes and coughs. The class heads off to physical education.

When they return Eeyore asks to go the nurse and comes back… heading home… has a fever…

Early in the afternoon one of my high energy girls with a positive spirit is looking a bit peaked. I ask her what’s up and she says she doesn’t feel well but she doesn’t want to miss writing and math.  She debates on what to do.  I send her to nurse… another one heads home.

A little while later… another one bites the dust.  Leaving behind more with coughing and sneezing including my student who brought his own tissues.

I am not a person who worries about germs. But, today I was surrounded.  I washed my hands and wiped down my table.  I think I will take some Zicam.

Fortunately tomorrow is a comp day so we don’t have school.  I sure hope it breaks the cycle of germs and they all come back healthy on Monday.



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