#sol15 Day#15 Reporting Marathon

I have spent the last week putting a lot of time and energy into grading and preparing report cards… Why oh why do I let it pile up?

Now the report cards are done, goal sheets are filled out, and portfolios have gone home. But, I am only half way through the marathon. This week is conference week.

On Friday I will feel normal again and can regroup and hopefully not get behind again.



  1. I also feel like I have a marathon week coming up with some big deadlines. I should have worked on them this weekend, but I didn’t. And in a few days I’ll think, “why oh why do I let it pile up?’

  2. oh It’s so hard to get everything done in a timely fashion. I took some time to read today, but had to make some plans for this week. Wish I had posted earlier.

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