#sol15 Day#14 Music Mom Nerves

Both of my children are athletes and I have spent nail-biting moments watching them compete wanting them to do well so they are happy with the outcome. I have told both of them that they aren’t allowed to step into goalie positions because I didn’t think I could handle the stress.

Typically music parenting isn’t as stress inducing. But, every once in a while I have moment where I get nervous for my daughter, Erin, who is a musician. Today was one of those days where a little anxiety took over. She plays trumpet in the school’s jazz ensemble and in a combo. Both groups played at a festival where they are scored on their performance.

The ensemble performance went well. The group sounded even better than they had a few weeks ago. I could hear Erin hit her high notes loud and strong while still blending in nicely with the rest of the band. When the group finished Erin and the members of her combo had a quick transition to get ready for their performance.

DSC_0111 (1)

I was looking forward to hearing her combo play because I hadn’t had a chance to hear them before. As we sat down in the small theatre where they were playing, I started to get nervous.

This is such an intimate venue…

It’s just Erin and seven other musicians…

If she makes a mistake everyone will hear it…

All of these other kids are coming and sitting right in front…

This is intimidating…

Well my worry was for nothing.  As soon as they started, I started to relax and soon enough I was back to being relaxed music parent.  I know it’s jazz but they rocked!  It was hard to believe they are high school.

I don’t know where the courage of these young musicians comes from.  At the most vulnerable age for “dying of embarrassment”, they can perform their music and not get rattled.  I guess I need to take my cues from them.



  1. I just saw a group of jr. high kids who played in a band and were fantastic. There are so many talented musicians out there that were babies just yesterday! How does that happen?

    Luckily, I’m not a mom so I was able to just enjoy without any stress at all.

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