sol#15 Day #13 Student Slicing Brightens My Day

This morning I blearily entered the cafeteria for a day of professional development. Looking ahead to a long day jam packed with information. I was feeling a bit sluggish.

Since I had arrived early I took a moment to open my personal email. I could see I had been tagged in a Facebook message that said:

F decided to bring her Slice of Life Notebook, Diana Marc-Aurele! 

It was written by a parent whose child was off on an adventure today.  This brought a smile to my face as I imagined my fifth grader toting her notebook around looking for stories.

I moved on to my school email where I discovered a few notifications from Kidblog letting me know a few students had submitted posts for my approval.  Hmmmm… I thought now that is pretty cool.  I hadn’t assigned it but a few kids were using their extra day off to work on slices.

My day moved on and as predicted it was a long day full of important information but by the end my brain was fried.  Tonight as I settled in I found more posts were waiting for approval.  As I read them, my tired brain perked up a bit.  The student slices have taken on a new quality.  They are digging a little deeper and writing more descriptively.  They are engaged and choosing to do this writing.  This thrills me!

I am seeing growth but the best part is I am really just enjoying their stories and getting an insight into their lives outside of school that I might have missed otherwise.

Slicing provides us with the opportunity to travel into the lives of our students and our colleagues from across the country and I think that is special.



  1. I love that kids are learning to dig deeper and write more authentically. I hope they continue after the month is over.

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