#sol15 Day #8 Endless Pile

This view isn’t just a slice of my life today.  It’s the only item on my agenda and it has taken me all day and I am still not done.

Weeding through writing and grading work is an overwhelming job that I haven’t figured out how to streamline.  But, conferences are next week and report cards need to be done so I keep chipping away at the endless pile.



  1. Your day sounds very much like my day between grading and finishing up report cards. However I will be well prepared for another school week which is always my goal.

  2. I don’t know if any of us ever truly figured out how to streamline it. I know I never did other than etch out a good full afternoon devoted to just reading papers or grading tests. I guess that speaks to the authenticity of teaching. It’s not mind-numbing work. It requires skill to create, execute and assess the subjects every single day. That’s a ton of paperwork! I’m on leave and don’t miss that aspect but I do miss the feeling that pile of work stands for.

    Great idea using the picture to do the heavy lifting on this slice.

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