#sol15 Day#6 Flashback Friday

Today during lunch I did a quick check of my personal email and there appeared to be an explosion in my inbox. Many were Facebook notifications… I noticed a comment that said, “You look like you were 12” and then I see I was tagged in a photo by a friend from college.

Whenever I see a #TBT or #Flashback I get a little worried and think Oh no! My worlds are colliding! Since I have limited Facebook access and I don’t have a lot of time I did a quick check and found a picture that brought a smile to my face.

nick and I

My  friend Nick and I dressed and ready to go the Boat Club Dance during our semester at St. John’s College in York, England.  Yikes! This was a long time ago!

I moved on with my day… had an after school event and work to do.  A social media check later in the day revealed another gem from the archives.



Another photo from my semester in England with fellow students from Keene State College.  This time I had a chance to pause and think about these pictures.  This is a time in my life I will always treasure.  It was the adventure of a life time… traveling around England and Europe.  Developing friendships with both British and American students.

Now that my children are reaching college age… How did that even happen?  I am encouraging them to jump at these opportunities… I know how much they will grow from the experience.  Plus, selfishly, I will go and pay them a visit.



  1. How fun to be reminded of friendship and adventure. And how wonderful to encourage your children to do the same thing.

  2. I’m pretty sure whoever invented #fbf was some sort of genius lol! I feel as though sometimes we are running through life and don’t take enough time to look back on the special times in life. 😊 When I have friends who post pictures from high school or college it takes me back to some of my favorite memories. Great post!

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