sol#15 Day #5 Curling up With Student Writing

I have been so busy the last few nights that I haven’t been able to read through my Students’ Slice of Life posts. As a result, I had quite a queue of slices waiting for approval.

All day long I looked forward to some quiet moments to read my students’ writing.  I settled into my favorite reading chair with a mug of hot chocolate and settled in to read.

I clicked on the first few posts and they transported me to some interesting places.  I felt like I traveled on the shoulders of my students into their worlds.  I was on board a  freighter ship traveling to Colombia during a mustering drill.  I went on a cross country ski around a Maine backyard and read a vivid description of a deer killed by coyotes.  I witnessed a softball pitching clinic.  I have been on many wild rides down the nearby sledding hills.

But, there were some that raised an alarm.  As I read some pieces I noticed some of my students were struggling with this writing.  It wasn’t a complete surprise, these are the students I have been propping up and giving extra support to all year.  As I read their pieces, these samples of the what they can do independently, I realized I still have so much more to do with these students.  I doubted myself and felt disappointed.

I grabbed a notepad and started making notes… strengths, needs, possible teaching points.  I thought about where they started and how far they have come.  I am thinking about the 3 1/2 months I have left with them and began developing a plan.

Yes, they have come along as writers.  Yes, they have a long way to go.  Yes, they WILL grow as writers.



  1. I love that you steadied yourself and made a plan. SOl writing in March is not easy, and sometimes it does not bring out the best in our writers – but the habit of writing every day strengthens their writing and allows them to see that they CAN be writers, every day.

  2. Having your students participate in SOL is great for increasing their writing skills. Its important for you to look at how far they’ve come, and not only how far they have to go. As long as they continue moving forward, it’s good.

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