#sol15 Day #4 Boot Rebellion

I enjoy winter and love playing in the snow but I have reached that point in the year where I am done with wearing boots. This winter has been so brutal that I have gotten into the routine of wearing boots everywhere and I leave my shoes at school so I have one less thing to carry.

During the past week I gave in to the temptation to go rogue and just walk on outside without changing into my boots.

I have had mixed results…

Last Friday as I lead my class out the door and up the front sidewalk, I delicately stepped around the bigger lumps of snow.  At one point, I thought I was stepping on brown sidewalk. Instead it was glare ice.  I nearly wiped out to the amusement of my fifth graders.  One or two were polite enough to remember to ask if I was okay.  I was and thankful I didn’t hit the ground or injure anything trying to stay on my feet.

This morning we had wet snow which was melting.  Since I was spending the day at a professional development day away from school, I really didn’t want to wear my boots all day OR carry shoes inside.  I took my chances and made my way cautiously up the snowy sidewalk in my thick-soled clogs.  I made it without incident.

Driving home today everything was melting and the temperature reached a tropical 43 degrees!  When I got home I decided to walk the dog and dare to go out in just sneakers. I am tired of clomping around the neighborhood in those bulky boots.  My daughter was more conservative and stuck with her LL Bean boots.  I ended up tip toeing through puddles and over packed down patched of snow.  I arrived home with wet socks and chilled feet.

Sigh… I know the warmer days will reach Maine soon and the snow will melt… then it will be mud season.  Maybe I will be able to put away the boots by Memorial Day!



  1. Funny, here in central Texas we’re complaining about the wet, cold winter we’re having. I work in a portable building so I have to put my coat on and off 1000 times a day, or at least it feels that way.Today was warmer and muggy, low 60’s, but now it’s 37 and heading for ice in the morning. I can feel your frustration in your writing and relate to it. Hang in there!

  2. We need to invest in in-between footwear – I am thinking of those shoe type low boots that Bean’s has…waterproof, slip-on and not so large and bulky! Sooooooo over the winter, too!

  3. I wore sneakers the other day, too. Luckily I managed to avoid the wet shoes and socks. You’re lucky you can leave your shoes at school. If I wear boots, I have to carry my shoes every day.

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