A Little Oasis

I have just arrived home 14 1/2 hours after leaving this morning. Today has been one of those days where I run around all day at school and run around some more after.

This evening as I buzzed around the streets of Portland dropping daughter off at a trumpet lesson, picking up and dropping items off at a committee member’s house and heading back across to pick up my daughter. I spotted an oasis.

The bright orange and pink of Dunkin’ Donuts beckoned me and I pulled in. Snowflakes were beginning to fall as yet another storm system moves through Maine. Many people might do the same and pull in for a nice hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate to warm up in the midst of a storm.

But, I am a quirky New Englander so a hot drink was not my drink of choice. New Englanders drink iced coffee in the middle of winter. Why? Because we get thirsty and nothing quenches the thirst like iced coffee.

I place my order, large iced decaf with two cream and a little bit of mocha.  n the short time I am in the store the snow picks up in intensity and suddenly the roads are slippery and visibility is poor. I settle back into my car and enjoy my first sip of refreshing, iced mocha goodness and sigh.

It will be a long drive home but I will have my little a oasis in a cup that I can calmly sip along the way.



  1. Oooh! Can I be an honorary New Englander? Or maybe just an “iced” girl. I did this today! I haven’t tried Dunkin’ Donuts yet. We just got one not too long ago and there has been a line around the building every. single. day. Cleared up the starbucks line though! yummmm

  2. I was thinking, what, is she nuts? Iced coffee in the midst of another snow storm?! Then I read this: “It almost feels like a little taste of summer in the midst of this wintry night. ” And I understood.

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