Taking my Writing on the Road

I often feel inspired to write while I am in a coffee shop or traveling but I haven’t done very much of it. I feel too busy and it isn’t the “right” moment. Now that I have done the Slice of Life challenge I see this differently. Last night’s slice was written in a spectator room while my daughter was playing lacrosse.

Tonight is trumpet lesson night and I am determined to write a slice before we head home…

I am sitting in the waiting room on a comfortable black leather couch. This is the last seat left. I am the only parent waiting in the small room decorated with music posters and black “Tune it or Die” t-shirts hanging on the wall. All the “good” seats are already taken by parents who have scouted out the quieter places in the music school.

I am sitting in musical ground zero. In one room off the waiting room a drum lesson is taking place. I am sitting about eight feet from the drum set with a standard issue wooden door between. This sounds like a drummer aspiring to be John Bonam. He is totally jamming along to a Led Zeppelin recording of “Whole Lotta Love”. He sounds excellent… brings me back to my high school days when classic rock was our favorite.

Tap… Tap… Tap… Tap… (drumsticks tapping) 1, 2, 3, 4… On the other side of the wall behind me there is an ensemble practicing. A drummer, guitar player and vocalist are playing Ozzy Osbourne. Unfortunately the singer is singing spot on like Ozzy so this isn’t a time where I am enjoying a front row seat. But their energy and passion for the music travels enthusiastically and clearly through the walls.

My jazz trumpet player is down the hallway and lost in the music mash up.

Now I realize if I can write here, I can write anywhere. No more excuses… It doesn’t matter where I am or what I am doing I just need to write.



  1. This challenge has definitely opened my eyes as well to the infinite world of writing possibilities. This has been an exciting journey! Thanks for sharing!

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