Another Winter Cold

It started with a tickle in my throat a few days ago..

Which led to a little bit of stuffiness

I can’t be getting a cold I think, I just had on during February vacation


But at 1:30 this morning it was obvious

Ears plugged, nose running, coughing, sore throat,

I have a cold


What to do… What to do…

Get up, Get a drink, blow my nose, can’t sleep

Get up, contemplate Nyquil at 2am, find cough medicine, take it, go back to bed, still coughing, can’t sleep.


Feel bad for husband who has to work in the morning…

can’t sleep

from listening to me cough and snuffle and getting up and down out of bed.


Get up again, find cough drops, read a little, back to bed…

I fall asleep

Wake up to husband leaving

Good thing it is a comp day no school… Better just rest and maybe sleep



  1. Good choice to stick it out in bed. I have had three colds so far this year and they all begin with that pesky little tickle in the throat. It’s like a fire alarm: REACT IMMEDIATELY!

    Feel better soon.

  2. I am impressed–no, amazed–that you can compose a poem while sick! My poem would go like this:
    Grumble grumble grumble
    I am sick sick sick
    Shuffle shuffle shuffle
    Nowhere quick quick quick
    Get me to the bed
    Let me fall down there
    Grumble grumble grumble
    I am sick sick sick


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