Teacher Love

After spending an arduous weekend on report cards it was time to begin the conferences.  Long days running around, nothing gets done and I eat on the fly.  I arrived at school at 7:30 knowing I wouldn’t be leaving for another 12 hours.  

My day flew by with so much to do.  Monday is especially busy as it is my day without a special so no time to catch my breath.  At noon I ran into the staff room to grab my sandwich and was in for a lovely surprise.  Parents prepared a lunch spread with salads, soup and pizza.  So thoughtful and very much appreciated.  Rumor had it that there would be more food for dinner not just for today but for the 3 1/2 days of conferences.

As my day wrapped up after my 8th conference, I wandered down to the staff room again hoping the rumors were true.  They were…More salad, pasta and desserts.  Instead of running home to throw together a meal a delicious meal was laid out before me.  As I settled in with a delicious dinner,  a colleague came in to join me and a few minutes later our principal joined us.  

The three of us had a chance to relax and process our days before heading home to our families.  The simple act of a few families preparing meals for us helped us to feel appreciated and cared for by our community.


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