Report Card-itis

I am afraid I am suffering from Report Card-itis. This symptoms of this ailment include blurry vision, hunched shoulders, crick in the neck, self-doubt and a touch of ADD (yes, I must dust that shelf I haven’t touched in months).

It has been a long weekend pouring over student work and standards to determine where students are performing. Trying to be objective in a profession that is more art than science.

Frustrated by students who jut aren’t progressing and trying to figure out where to go with my instruction.

Celebrating students who have made growth thinking about how to take them to the next level.

So much is whirling through my head on where to go with my teaching with this group of students in our last 3 1/2 months together.

But, I need to clear out the cobwebs and get moving, do some laundry and buy groceries.

The only cure for Report Card-itis is to step away, take a deep breath and move ahead one step at a time.



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