Flashback Friday

High school is a time in my life that at times feels like it was so long ago and at others like it was just yesterday.  When I am with friends from high school we pick up where we left off and it is like no time at all has passed.  Now that my own two children are in high school it usually feels more solidly in the long ago category.

Earlier in the week my daughter and I had a quick conversation that resulted in me hosting a pre semi-formal dinner party tonight.  I offered not thinking she would actually agree that it was a good idea.  Most of my suggestions around social events are usually met with a polite response that indicates I don’t really “get” how teenagers socialize and my idea isn’t really a good one.  Which is kind of how this suggestion went at first but then she came around and agreed it might be fun.

As the week passed by she issued invitations to a group of friends and planned a simple menu.  I prepped most of the food last night.  When I arrived home from school tonight I pick up a little, set the table and stayed out of the way.  As the five girls arrived my mission was to be a fly on the wall.

I listened in as they did each other’s make up, fixed hair, got dressed and ate dinner.  I was amused to listen in on conversations so much like the ones I had in high school with my friends.  Most of all I enjoyed listening to the laughter.  Laughter at themselves, make up mishaps and their enjoyment of being together.

The looked gorgeous as they posed for pictures.  Yes, I got a little eye roll as I made them pose for pictures.  But, I know some day they will treasure these times as I do mine.  It will be nice for them to have a visual reminder beyond a rushed selfie.

I dropped them off outside the dance wishing them a good time and knowing these ARE good times.  I hope this night becomes the source of entertaining “remember when” stories that they will look back on with fondness and joy.



  1. What fun and yes, they will appreciate those pictures one day. There is just something those high school days that evoke such wonderful memories. I hope they had a great time.

  2. I can bet that one day your daughter will do the same thing for her daughter…and she will be thinking of you. What a sweet slice.

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