Feeling Appreciated

Well… I am going to just have to throw this entry out there. It is crunch time for report cards and I have a few other plates in the air so I am really pressed for time.

Yesterday I was home sick and I had to put in for a substitute not knowing who I was going to get. I have a few regular subs I prefer, they know my style and they know our school.

When I walked in the building this morning two of my girls were at before school care and said “Oh thank goodness you are back!”. Hmmm I thought they are usually glad to see me but they seemed relieved. Later in the morning one of my students came in early to get some work done and he said, “It’s a good thing you are here, it wasn’t good yesterday.”

I got some additional information from colleagues and the substitute was a real character to be sure. It wasn’t just in my kids’ overdramatic reactions. When everyone arrived, I gave them a chance to vent about their day and told them it is now in the past and time to move on. I also reminded them how to handle a new person and to reflect on how their individual behavior might have contributed to the day.

As the day moved on, I noticed the kids were going out of their way to be a little extra helpful, a bit more engaged. Their behavior showed me they appreciated having me back. It made me think Miss Nelson may have had the right idea when Miss Viola Swamp came in for a day.



  1. glad you took the time to write. I was a substitute for a year and loved it–but MAN were there some characters who worked as subs! truly, I wasn’t one. I was normal. I am normal. I think!

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