Taking the Plunge…

 It is February 28th and it is the eve of March and the Slice of Life Challenge.  I have been going back and forth.  Truly wanting to do the challenge but worried about the commitment to writing EVERYDAY!  I feel like I do when I am at the beach in Maine.  The ocean looks so beautiful and inviting but I don’t want to set foot in it from the shock of the cold.

I am doing this with my students and I need to jump right in with them.  With all of the demands of teaching my writing gets pushed to the back burner.  The only writing I typically get to write is quickly written sample pieces I use as models in mini lessons.  Once we get into a writing unit, my time is spent planning, teaching and conferring.  It is like I have waded in up to my ankles and I am waving at my students from a distance. I encourage and cheer them on as they have all the fun swimming and riding the waves on boogie boards.

So it is time to take the plunge.  It is funny how an idea can creep into my mind and then it seems like the universe is aligning to push me in the right direction.  It all starts with the trickle of an idea from Two Writing Teachers and the weekly call for slices… Hey I can do that I think.  A fortune cookie telling me “You are a lover of words you should write a book” … Yes, I probably should.  Browsing in a bookstore I pick up a book about happiness and it says to start a blog… I hadn’t thought of blogging as a key to happiness.

The trickle of thought droplets has become a flood and the message has been received.  Time to swim with my students into the ocean of writing.




  1. What a beautiful line:
    “Time to swim with my students in the ocean of writing.”
    I joined this challenge for the same exact reason. My own writing doesn’t happen much during a school year. I am better in the summer but mostly because I will attend a Writing Institute at TCWRP. I look forward to being inspired by another person whose writing over the past few months has also been on the back burner. But this challenge pulled us both in and I know we can do it! Though I like your image of the cold ocean. I am definitely a wader and not a plunger. But it is nic eto know, I am not alone!

  2. Love the analogy of jumping into the challenge like jumping into the cold ocean. Yes! It is like that! Good luck. But once you get going, you’ll find that it’s just like riding the waves.

  3. So true how we set aside our own writing needs when life gets to feeling too busy. But I really believe I have to make time for this every day, every month, every year. I enjoy your image of standing by the water, not wanting to step in.

  4. That is just the way most of us “see: this challenge. It’s overwhelming at times…you think you might drown with the pressure at times….and yet we swim because the reflecting on our lives lets us see things more clearly. Welcome….see you tomorrow!

  5. I LOVE the ending, too. It reminds me of two things, really:
    First, that there are so many droplets in the ocean already…do I really have anything else to add? But the answer is YES just like we have more books to add on bookstores’ shelves and stories to add these slice of life stories. We each have a unique and creative voice, and I love that you’re leading by example and showing your students that you’re doing it, too.
    Second, I think you got to the best part of your slice at the very end–and this reminds me that sometimes I have to get a lot of words out on the paper before I get to my point. And that’s where my good writing actually begins, after I’ve dumped a bit on my paper (or, as it usually works, my computer screen).
    Do your best to breathe through the (natural) feeling of feeling overwhelmed. As with everything else in life, one day at a time. Geez, one minute at a time sometimes.
    Great job and welcome and see you tomorrow! Kate

  6. Love the ocean play and the idea that we swim and wade in and play with words. We do. Ride that boogie board! So glad you decided to take a dip. Your students are lucky to have a teacher who will jump in and write with them!

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